I didn’t grow up with Horror Hosts. I knew who Elvira was and became a big fan, but I didn’t know what she did. Since then, I’ve gone through and learned a lot about the history, even befriending a local one (shout out to Ormon Grimsby!).

I’ve gotten a quick education thanks to OSI74 and the man featured in this piece, Svengoolie!

The art of the horror host is not just dropping puns and making fun, but also in educating the audience. Learning about classic actors and the genre are woven between sketches, songs and delightful puns that make me wish I hadn’t waited 30 plus years to find them.

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to spend 2 hours each week, check out your local listings: http://svengoolie.com/

He’s hanging in my cube with my flingin’ chicken!


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